Oetinger Aluminium, Weißenhorn location
Oetinger Aluminium, Weißenhorn location
Oetinger Aluminium

Oetinger produces around 180,000 tonnes of casting alloy with 300 employees at the Weißenhorn and Neu-Ulm locations.

We place a lot of emphasis on supplying liquid aluminium and on recycling the incidental process scrap as part of a closed cycle.






With effect from 1st January 2021, in the significant year of the 75th anniversary of the Oetinger group, Mr. Uwe Bodenhausen and Mr. Lubomir Pajonk, MBA, were appointed to the position of CEOs of the group.



Under the new lead, with modern, transparent and team-oriented strategy, the Oetinger Aluminium GmbH will further strengthen and expand its good position in the secondary aluminium market, with a constant emphasis on premium quality, sustainability, CO2 footprint and strong customer-supplier relationships.

Quality and environmental management
Quality management of aluminium alloys

The quality of our products and processes is based on a comprehensive quality management process extending from the precursor materials to the finished alloy. Our customers' requirements are the benchmark by which we measure our success. Our goal is to exceed them.

Guided by a comprehensive system of process and quality performance indicators, we are continuously striving to improve our production processes.

Environmental and energy management
Sustainable aluminium alloys

Our environmental and energy management approach includes the early integration of environmental aspects in important investment decisions, targeted implementation of the company's internal best practices approach, and continuous observation and monitoring of all relevant environmental and energy performance indicators.

Thus environmental and energy management forms part of our sustainability management.

Occupational health and safety
Occupational health and safety at Oetinger, Weißenhorn in the Ulm region

We feel that occupational health and safety and the support of our employees are the foundation on which the success of our Measures to protect and improve the health and safety of our employees are a permanent aspect of our everyday work.


Thank you for your interest in a career with the Oetinger Group. Oetinger offers exciting challenges, an interesting work environment and a broad range of career options.

Oetinger provides apprenticeship opportunities for students in technical and business fields, creating the basis on which we can fill our challenging positions from our own ranks.

Compelling portfolio

Oetinger offers its customers - automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical and solar industry casting houses - an extensive range of products and alloys for a broad range of applications using all common casting methods.

Our aluminium casting alloys are produced to extremely high purity and quality levels and are predestined for use in demanding applications such as engine and chassis manufacturing or in piston, cylinder and crankset applications. The alloys can be delivered as ingots or in liquid form for immediate casting.

Liquid aluminium
Liquid aluminium

The just-in-time delivery in liquid form is particularly efficient. The liquid aluminium is delivered at the desired temperature and time around the clock in special insulated tankers.

This allows for immediate processing, minimises material losses and reduces process costs considerably by eliminating the melting process. The percentage of our production output which is delivered in liquid form has already reached 70%.

Aluminium ingots

We deliver all common alloys as ingots according to DIN EN or special customer requirements. The ingots are delivered in 500 and/or 1,000 kg stacks.

Oetinger cast aluminium alloys are produced to the highest levels of purity and quality.

Aluminium recycling

Oetinger purchases recycled materials and scrap that contain aluminium, such as waste metal, chips, sheet metal scrap, shredder, sections and packaging materials. We process these into high quality alloys through a smelting and refining process.

We also offer innovative recycling concepts for the process scrap produced by the aluminium casting houses. This covers all services of the closed cycle - from logistics to scrap processing and refining to creating the desired alloy.

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