Aluminium recycling at Weißenhorn, in the Ulm region
Aluminium alloy remelt ingot
Oetinger liquid aluminium alloying expertise
Aluminium recycling at Weißenhorn, in the Ulm region
Aluminium alloy remelt ingot
Oetinger liquid aluminium alloying expertise
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Let us inform you that with effect from June 30, 2021, by registration in the Commercial Register in Memmingen, we have completed the merger of companies ´


- Oetinger Aluminum WH GmbH &
- Oetinger Aluminum NU GmbH


at OETINGER Aluminum GmbH.



Hereby we have combined our forces to one powerful company with the objective to provide our business partners with increased efficiency with simplified business processes.

A strong partner of the aluminium casting industry

Oetinger is a leading supplier of aluminium casting alloys. Oetinger stands for seamless production supply and sustainable processes and is a fundamental component of the supply chain in the casting industry. Oetinger Aluminium has established itself as a key supplier, especially in the automotive industry.

Oetinger alloys can be found in almost all vehicles. In the heart of Southern Germany, two plants produce approx. 180,000 t/year of aluminium casting alloys in solid and liquid form.

Closed aluminium cycle
The closed aluminium cycle at Oetinger

Oetinger specialises in the production of recycled aluminium. The lightweight material aluminium is a prime example of a closed cycle and recycling content. The metal can be used over and over again, efficiently (with energy savings) and without a loss in quality.

We make an essential contribution to ensuring that this cycle works.


OETINGER Aluminium GmbH

Werk Weißenhorn
Robert-Bosch-Straße 16+18
D-89264 Weißenhorn/Bavaria
Telefon +49 7309 83 - 0
Fax +49 7309 83 - 231

OETINGER Aluminium GmbH

Werk Neu-Ulm
Max-Eyth-Straße 40
D-89231 Neu-Ulm
Telefon +49 731 97 52 - 0
Fax +49 731 97 52 - 289

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ASI certifies Oetinger Aluminium GmbH against Chain of Custody Standard V2


We are proud to announce that our production sites in Weißenhorn and Neu-Ulm are the first entity in Europe that has been certified against the updated ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard V2 (2022).

On the way to reaching CO2-neutral production, obtaining this certification is one of the most important milestones for our team. Together, we will continue to focus on developing low-carbon solutions for our customers and reinforce sustainable recycling of aluminium in Europe.

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EUROGUSS 2022 - Meeting of the die casting industry


At the trade fair in Nuremberg this year, the 641 exhibitors from 36 countries in front of around 11,000 visitors discussed current topics in the die casting industry - the topic of sustainability was particularly in the foreground.

We had three very exciting days with many interesting discussions. A special highlight was the visit of the Bavarian Secretary of State, Mr. Roland Weigert.

Finally, we would like to thank all our visitors again for the personal meetings and we are already looking forward to the next Euroguss 2024.