Aluminium recycling at Weißenhorn, in the Ulm region
Aluminium alloy remelt ingot
Oetinger liquid aluminium alloying expertise
Aluminium recycling at Weißenhorn, in the Ulm region
Aluminium alloy remelt ingot
Oetinger liquid aluminium alloying expertise
A strong partner of the aluminium casting industry

Oetinger is a leading supplier of aluminium casting alloys. Oetinger stands for seamless production supply and sustainable processes and is a fundamental component of the supply chain in the casting industry. Oetinger Aluminium has established itself as a key supplier, especially in the automotive industry.

Oetinger alloys can be found in almost all vehicles. In the heart of Southern Germany, two plants produce approx. 180,000 t/year of aluminium casting alloys in solid and liquid form.

Closed aluminium cycle
The closed aluminium cycle at Oetinger

Oetinger specialises in the production of recycled aluminium. The lightweight material aluminium is a prime example of a closed cycle and recycling content. The metal can be used over and over again, efficiently (with energy savings) and without a loss in quality.

We make an essential contribution to ensuring that this cycle works.


Robert-Bosch-Straße 16+18
D-89264 Weißenhorn/Bavaria
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Max-Eyth-Straße 40
D-89231 Neu-Ulm
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Metal Trade Comax Group acquires Oetinger Aluminium Group

Dear Sir or Madam,
on December 27, 2017, Czech Metal Trade Comax Group has acquired all shares in Oetinger Aluminium Group from investors advised by Orlando Management AG, Munich.

Metal Trade Comax is a Czech metals processing conglomerate headquartered in Velvary, just north of Prague. The company offers coil coating, profiling and slitting activities for hot-dip galvanized steel and aluminium sheet metal with a capacity of approx. 200,000 tons/year. In its metallurgy segment, Metal Trade Comax operates aluminium recycling facilities for secondary aluminium...

Oetinger enjoys a successful EUROGUSS 2016 in Nuremberg

EUROGUSS 2016 held in Nuremberg 12-14 January had a record of over 12,000 visitors. This year visitor numbers rose by 7% compared to the last EUROGUSS fair in 2014.
With a higher numbers of professional visitors this emphasized the importance of the EUROGUSS fair for the secondary aluminium market.
The exhibition was very positive experience for the Oetinger group; strengthening relationships with existing clients and forging new ones too.
The mood at EUROGUSS optimistic with the market expecting strong demand throughout 2016, building on the strength of 2015.
We would like to thank all visitors who came to visit us at the fair.
And we look forward to welcoming you again to the next EUROGUSS fair in Nuremberg in January 2018.