Oetinger Aluminium lives sustainability

Oetinger focuses on integrating sustainability in all its activities. To us, the concept of sustainability is not limited to environmental protection. Rather, it means harmonizing ecological and economic development with an improved quality of life for our employees, their immediate social circle, and society in general. We believe that occupational health and safety is an important factor in the company’s success.

Considerable energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions lead to significant improvements in the environmental balance. Systematic recycling of scrap aluminium conserves valuable raw material and energy resources and preserves increasingly scarce landfill capacity.

Highly flexible
Standard alloys at the Weißenhorn location in the Ulm region

A permanent high degree of flexibility is ensured by our two high-capacity production sites with a broad range of alloying capabilities. Optimal redundancy of our delivery capacity is ensured by modern shift work models and a motivated team.

Flexibility is increased by maintaining inventory of standard alloys.

Absolutely reliable
Liquid aluminium, Weißenhorn, Ulm region

When it comes to just-in-time delivery of liquid metal, Oetinger distinguishes itself through absolute reliability and adherence to time of delivery and temperature specifications as well as material properties.

We are a fundamental component of a functioning supply chain.

Top quality
Quality control of aluminium alloys

Oetinger stands for top-quality products. In order to ensure that things stay this way, we perform ongoing testing to verify the properties of our precursor materials, the materials in the production process and the finished alloys.

In order to ensure an optimal quality control process, we select specific methods from the broad range of physical, chemical and optical methods available in our in-house laboratories and through our partners.

Alloying expertise
Alloying expertise at Oetinger

Oetinger specialises in the production of high quality aluminium alloys. Our high level of competency allows us to provide a continuous, high-volume supply of customer specific alloys at a constant and reproducible level of quality. On the other hand, we also specialise in the manufacturing of small volumes of special

alloys with properties which are perfectly matched to the respective application and processing conditions in the casting house. The products range from standard die-casting alloys to smelter alloys or high-alloy piston alloys.