Oetinger News from Weißenhorn in the Ulm region
Oetinger-News aus Weißenhorn / der Region Ulm
Metal Trade Comax Group acquires Oetinger Aluminium Group

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on December 27, 2017, Czech Metal Trade Comax Group has acquired all shares in Oetinger Aluminium Group from investors advised by Orlando Management AG, Munich.

Metal Trade Comax is a Czech metals processing conglomerate headquartered in Velvary, just north of Prague. The company offers coil coating, profiling and slitting activities for hot-dip galvanized steel and aluminium sheet metal with a capacity of approx. 200,000 tons/year. In its metallurgy segment, Metal Trade Comax operates aluminium recycling facilities for secondary aluminium casting alloys. These activities, with a capacity of approx. 30,000 tons/year, will be combined with the activities of the Oetinger Aluminium Group.

The acquisition creates one of Europe's leading aluminum recycling groups with a total capacity of approx. 220,000 tons/year and a very well-diversified geographical profile. Both companies will continue their current business activities and intensify their cooperation in the weeks and months to come.

Under the new ownership, the Oetinger Aluminium Group will continue to operate as before. Oetinger's Management will stay unchanged, as well as all your contacts, account details and all legal agreements. We are convinced that the new strategic ownership will further strengthen our position in the aluminium recycling market and that we can offer an even larger range of products and services to our customers.

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PRESS RELEASE IN the International Aluminium Journal:
Oetinger Aluminium – Europe’s leading supplier of liquid aluminium

The company Oetinger Aluminium is one of Germany’s traditional companies in the field of aluminium recycling and the melting of high-grade casting alloys. As the result of a difficult market situation the company had to declare insolvency in 2013. Today, somewhat more leanly established with two sites in Weißenhorn and Neu-Ulm, the management is looking ahead with confidence. Business is looking good and the company perceives encouraging opportunities, not only for growing along with the market but even further extending its market position.


Read the full article Oetinger Aluminium – Europe’s leading supplier of liquid aluminium (PDF, 8,7 MB).


The aluminium smelter Oetinger is back in the black: And investing once again in buildings and equipment. Investors give management a degree of freedom.


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The Oetinger Group sees light on the horizon again in 2014. The remelter of aluminium scrap had to file for bankruptcy in July 2013, but even before the end of the year a strategic investor was found. In addition to margin pressure and low remelt ingot prices, the then high bank liabilities from the legacy of the Konzelmann acquisition had burdened the company. Roland Keller, Managing Director responsible for Metals Purchasing and Sales at Oetinger, set out the future priorities in conversation with NE-Metalle Monitor.


Read the full article Oetinger schreibt trotz des massiven Preisdrucks wieder schwarze Zahlen (PDF, 279 KB).

Oetinger enjoys a successful EUROGUSS 2016 in Nuremberg

EUROGUSS 2016 held in Nuremberg 12-14 January had a record of over 12,000 visitors. This year visitor numbers rose by 7% compared to the last EUROGUSS fair in 2014.
With a higher numbers of professional visitors this emphasized the importance of the EUROGUSS fair for the secondary aluminium market.
The exhibition was very positive experience for the Oetinger group; strengthening relationships with existing clients and forging new ones too.
The mood at EUROGUSS optimistic with the market expecting strong demand throughout 2016, building on the strength of 2015.
We would like to thank all visitors who came to visit us at the fair.
And we look forward to welcoming you again to the next EUROGUSS fair in Nuremberg in January 2018.

EUROGUSS 2014 FROM 14. – 16.01.2014 IN NUREMBERG

Oetinger presented at EUROGUSS 2014 from 14 - 16.01.2014 in Nuremberg under a new name. Its trade show booth drew lots of attention and informed visitors about its high degree of competency as a supplier in the aluminium casting industry.
The optimistic mood during the in-depth technical discussions which took place guaranteed that the trade fair appearance was a complete success.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the visitors to our booth, who contributed to the success of the show by coming. The industry started into 2014 with optimism and record numbers of visitors and presenters. This was highlighted by the 11,187 trade visitors (2012: 8415) and 470 presenters (2012: 383).  The high degree of international acceptance in combination with an interesting lecture programme attracted a lot of visitors for the European die casting industry.

In short – the 10th anniversary of the international trade fair for die casting technology, processes and products was a complete success.

Oetinger Aluminium will also appear at the next EUROGUSS 2016 in Nuremberg on 12. - 14.01.2016. Please make a note of this date.


The Oetinger Runners exhibited a lot of stamina and reliability during the Einsteinmarathon on 16.09.2012. All 19 participants in various categories reached the finish line and successfully completed the marathon.  The team spirit was strengthened after the event with an unhurried snack with the sociable group.   

Oetinger will also be meeting the challenge again during the next Einsteinmarathon on 28.09.2014 with a large group of motivated runners. This promotes community spirit and health.  Participation is supported financially by the company.