Supporting the automotive future

Our aluminium casting alloys
power the world`s most prestigious cars.

Oetinger’s high quality casting alloys can be found in almost every car on the road today. We’re committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence.

For us, "sustainability" is not merely a fleeting buzzword but rather a deep-rooted principle that infuses every aspect of our mission. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to create top-quality aluminium products while simultaneously minimizing our environmental footprint and advancing the cause of a more sustainable tomorrow.

At our company, our people are our greatest asset. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive and grow. We believe that a strong safety culture is the foundation of our success and we work tirelessly to ensure that our employees can go home safely every day.

Oetinger stands proudly as a preeminent provider of top-quality aluminum casting alloys, renowned for its unwavering dedication to the seamless delivery of superior products and its steadfast commitment to environmentally responsible production processes.

Head of Technology


At Oetinger, we see investment in new techniques as the fuel for our evolutionary production development. With every financial support for innovative approaches, we set a milestone on the way to future-oriented aluminium solutions. Our passion for technology and progress means that we are constantly pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

Every investment is not only a financial commitment, but also a commitment to our employees, customers, partners and the environment. Because we firmly believe that the combination of investment and innovation is the key to shaping a sustainable and successful future.

Aluminium recycling

Through our cutting-edge smelting and refining processes, we transform these materials into high-quality alloys of exceptional purity and durability.

Beyond this, we also offer truly innovative recycling concepts for the process scrap generated by aluminum foundries. Our comprehensive approach encompasses every element of the closed cycle – from efficient logistics and scrap processing to refining and producing the desired alloy.

With our unwavering dedication to sustainability and our keen eye for technological advancement, we are revolutionizing the very foundations of the recycling industry.

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