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Purity and precision are in our DNA

At Oetinger, We Care. With more than 75 years of experience, we prioritize people - our customers, employees, and the planet

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We have set sustainability at the heart of our values

At Oetinger we recognise our responsibility to reduce the enviromental impacts of our production and have determined a holistic strategy to address them…

It is our mission to be a company which positively affects people around us, their health and well-being as well as improves the enviroment we live in.

We improve the environment we live in.

We are aware that the consequences of climate change are a great threat to our society.

We are prepared to do our share in reducing the industrial carbon footprint and to inspire others to do the same.

CEOS of the group


At Oetinger, we are proud of our commitment to sustainability and responsible use of resources, as well as our employees who give their best day after day to help us achieve our common goals.

We know that aluminium is a valuable and scarce resource and are therefore passionate about our focus on recycling a wide variety of aluminium scrap. Through a careful smelting and refining process, we transform these materials into high-quality alloys and maximise the use of these valuable resources.

We also offer innovative recycling concepts for the process scrap generated by our customers and a comprehensive closed-loop service that includes logistics, scrap processing, refining and the production of the desired alloy.

Company history

Year 1946

Our story started in 1946 and we at Oetinger are more than proud to continue to evolve the mission of quality and care.

For over 75 years, Oetinger has been a leading supplier of high-quality aluminium casting alloys to various industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, electrical, and solar. With a focus on sustainability and innovative recycling concepts, Oetinger has established itself as a fundamental component of the suply chain in the casting industry.

Year 1973

First liquid metal delivery to Daimler-Benz in Esslingen-Mettingen in 1973.

On 14 August 1973, a new era began for the Oetinger company. The first 12-tonne load of liquid aluminium was delivered by special truck to the Daimler-Benz-AG engine plant in Esslingen-Mettingen. Oetinger was the second company in Germany to take this step. This decision was crowned with success.

Year 2002

Severe blow of fate

The most severe blow in the company’s history was on 6 November 2002, when five top managers, including the Managing Director, lost their lives in a plane crash.

Year 2005

Acquisition of the Konzelmann Group by Oetinger and simultaneous sale of the metal foundry Scheeff GmbH in Nersingen.

On 31.08.2005, the competitor Konzelmann in Neu-Ulm, including a branch plant in Hanover, was taken over.

Year 2013

June – Opening of insolvency proceedings for all locations – closure of the Berlin and Hanover locations.

December – Takeover of the Weißenhorn and Neu-Ulm locations by SSVP III at the F-Gorcy location MBO takes place.

Year 2017

Takeover by MT Comax

In December 2017, the Metal Trade Comax Group in Velvary, another industry expert, took over our company.

Since then, Marian Manda has been a shareholder in our company.

Year 2021

Merger of the Weißenhorn and Neu-Ulm into one company.

OETINGER Aluminium WH and NU become OETINGER Aluminium GmbH.

In the same year, the Oetinger Group celebrated 75 years of sustainable recycling.

Year 2023

On 01.09.2023, the metallurgical plant of Metal Trade Comax, a.s. was spun off from Metal Trade Comax, a.s., creating the youngest part of OETINGER Aluminium GmbH, OETINGER CZ, s.r.o.. Despite it being the newest member, the Velvary plant has a long history grounded in 1938.