Oetinger Aluminium cooperates with bisonaire!

Oetinger Aluminium cooperates with bisonaire!

At Oetinger Aluminium, we are proud to have been a reliable partner in the aluminium industry for over 75 years. Our mission to deliver quality and sustainability has made us a leading manufacturer in Europe. Today we are pleased to announce the start of an exciting new partnership with bisonaire – a company that has worked primarily with large corporations.

This collaboration is a strategic step for us to drive digital transformation in our organisation. Bisonaire, known for their innovative solutions in the field of production and process optimisation, will support us in taking our processes to the next level.

Together with bisonaire, we will break new ground to increase our efficiency and operate even more sustainably. This project not only marks a turning point for Oetinger Aluminium as we benefit from bisonaire’s experience with large industrial customers, but it also shows that advanced technologies and process innovation can find a home in the SME sector.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership opens up and look forward to keeping you updated on the progress and successes.